Online Training

What’s in it for me?

Yes, you clicked on the online training page but the most important question to answer is what is in it for you?

What can online training with Applied Strength and Brett Jones do for you?

You are committing to investing time, effort, and resources (aka…money) into an online training program and rather than “impress” you with stories of me or marketing messages of how this is the “best” program out there let’s begin with you.

What’s in it for you?

Accomplishing your goals never forgetting that fitness is a vehicle for health.

How does

Applied Strength do this?


Using a movement screen (FMS), detailed history, and discussion of your goals a plan is created for you. Individualized to your movement, and your goals this is the art behind the art and science of the program designed for you.


Online sessions (and video review) will focus on technique because technique is king. My job is to identify areas for improvement and direct your progress toward skill mastery for each movement/exercise. This is my passion and a skill refined over 25+ years of practice. Move beyond a “workout” to a focus on skill acquisition and learning for a lifetime of success.

Program Design

The science behind the art and science of your program based in the foundations of exercise science and refined with current research. Tailored to your goals, and lifestyle. Because the perfect program not followed is wasted and if a program is not tailored to your lifestyle, it will fail you.


“Do or do not…” as a famous movie character once said. You are hiring a coach not a motivator. I will meet you where you are and walk the path to where you want to be, but it will be up to you to “do or do not.”

What’s included in the program?

  • Initial consultation
  • Movement screening—initial and ongoing
  • Program development—initial and ongoing
  • Bimonthly online coaching sessions
  • Technique video review “as needed”
  • Weekly email and training log review

*Coming soon—Applied Strength App

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