Iron Cardio

“Iron Cardio is a story of one man’s triumph over adversity—and a guide to your future strength and conditioning success. I would be hard pressed to find a reader who would not benefit from this book.”

– Pavel Tsatsouline, the author of Kettlebell Simple & Sinister

Why Iron Cardio?

In February of 2020 I was diagnosed with stage 3 primary tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma and had seven weeks of radiation five times a week with two chemotherapy infusions.

During treatment I lost 40 pounds going from 205lb down to 164lb. This meant when I restarted my training I was, for me, starting from zero. Of course, I returned to the kettlebell training and quickly realized that I needed to rebuild my strength.

Iron Cardio became the base of my training and I progressed from struggling with the 24kg for 20 sets to performing 60 sets with the 36kg. My weight came up to a steady 185lb and I rebuilt the muscle I had lost in treatment.

You don’t need to have gone through what I did to experience the benefits of Iron Cardio.

The Benefits

Efficiency – Iron Cardio allows you to quickly get to work and accomplish what is needed for that session then get back to the real world.

Skill – Iron Cardio builds skill through the repetition of exercises. A practice not a workout.

Conditioning – to build the best levels of conditioning you need to have both short and extended efforts. Iron Cardio mixes these in to ensure the best outcome.

Strength – I have personally seen jumps of 4-8kg jumps in Military Press one rep maxes.

Hypertrophy – as you begin to accumulate volume going to 40-60 sets there is a hypertrophy response.
Hypertrophy is simply volume under adequate load and slightly acidic conditions and IC succeeds in this quite well


The Video

4-part video providing a step-by-Step process using kettlebells for Iron Cardio

2.5 hours of in-depth instruction

Detailed tutorials on the 4 main skills

Basic program design eBook

Brett’s personal warmup and movement prep

The Book

$30 Launch Price

Downloadable PDF

The how and why of Iron Cardio

Dozens of variations on the Iron Cardio protocol

How to build your own workout program

Tips on how to do the main movements

Brett’s Iron Cardio Training Log

Online Training

Highest level of support

2 x video calls with Brett every month

Personalized plan based on your goals

Full FMS movement screen

Unlimited email support

Feedback from clients and friends

One of the unique features and beauties of this book
is that it allows you to take a more intuitive approach
though what Brett calls “adventures”, or to be more
structured. Whichever way you decide to go, both art and science will support you and guarantee you will enjoy every single training session and the results.

– Fabio Zonin

The greatest return in strength with minimal investment I’ve had with any strength training program. Emphasis on minimal investment. Four weeks, two chains, 15-25 minutes a day. 3 days a week (ballistic training 2 days) I couldn’t strict-Press 32kg
once post-surgery. It’s now in my Monday routine 32kg—10 Presses, 10 Snatches. I’m left with more than enough energy to take care of an infant, run a business, and landscape our backyard.

– Adam Pierre

Hi Brett.
I need to tell you. I tested myself 2 months ago with 32kg Presses and I did 6 reps each side. Last month I took your idea from Instagram, 3 times a week (Clean, Press, Squat, each session different rest duration). I train with 32 and today I tested again—9 reps!
30% in one month. Thanks Brett.

– Nikola Vidovic

Minimalist without being stingy, familiar without being boring, and adaptable without losing its essence are just some of the gifts you can expect from this book.

– Os Aponte

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