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Director of Education & Chief SFG

Brett Jones, is tasked with maintaining the curriculum and standards for all of StrongFirst's Kettlebell (SFG), Barbell (SFL) and Bodyweight (SFB) Certifications and Courses. He is also responsible for developing and mentoring the SFG Leadership and SFG instructors.

Advisory Board Member with Functional Movement Systems

As a Lead Instructor for FMS since 2006, Brett is responsible for working with the FMS founders and HeadQuarters to progress and update curriculum for FMS level 1 and 2 both live and on-line content. As well as providing curriculum and content for Indian Clubs and Kettlebell training.

Our Mission

Applied Strength's mission is to educate and empower clients to achieve their goals by making training information easily accessible and applying it to the unique needs of the individual. Cultivating Simplicity in Training.

Strength - The "Master" Quality

Prof. Matveyev - “Strength is the foundation for development of the rest of physical qualities.”


Being able to apply your strength in a quick and efficient manner


Built on a foundation of strength, your endurance should allow you to work over time efficiently


Freedom and control of your movement in all ranges


Being able to access a full range of movement in a muscle or joint but targeted on what you need

Recent Posts

Latest article on FMS…

Group Exercise and the FMS If you have ever wondered how to apply the FMS to group training situations please take a moment to read this article and see how I would do it in Real, Ideal and mixed situations.

Indian Clubs

Indian Clubs On-line Course You might not have noticed but the “sides” of the logo are actually Indian Clubs. The online Indian Clubs course is a great resource for both the classical patterns and new “corrective” patterns for improving hip and ankle mobility and control. Check it out!

Bend the Knee…

Bend the Knee(s) (GOT reference…) I am seeing a lot of swings etc… with minimal to zero knee bend. The knees should bend during a hinge. In this article – The Perfect Kettlebell Swing: Is There Such a Thing?